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Highlife Name given to any West African popular music

Primarily an Anglophone music - territories of former British West Africa Sierra Leonne, Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, (French speaking Benin and Togo )

High Life is a synergetic product by which it is a music developed out of local and foreign influences but is greater than the sum of each of those influences.

Roots in Sierra Leone

bulletIndigenous rhythms of osibisaba (Fante), ashiko (Sierra Leone), dagomba (Liberian guitar style). and gombe (from Sierre Leone via Jamaican Maroons
bulletEuropean Foxtrots, waltzes and polkas
bulletCaribbean kaiso
bulletUsing European and African Instruments
bulletThe Army Concert Party
bulletKru-Sailors brought - Harmonica, Button Accordian and Guitar.
bulletFusion of the Old World and the New World.