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Town Area

bulletCopy Bourgeois elite music
bulletBox Guitar
bulletAccompanied by Drums, Bottle and Coin.
bulletSweet Palm Wine ( 2% alcohol )
bulletGuitar Picking style originated by Liberian “Kru-Men”
bulletSimilar to Kora Fingering technique

Sierra Leonne. Two streams

Maringa - similar to Merengue

bullet1950’s Ebenezer Callender
bulletBorn 1920
bulletSooliman Ernest Rogie ( S.E. ) 1961 Hit “My Lovely Elizabeth”
bullet50 Hit Singles
bullet1973 Moved to the USA first to Philadelphia then to San Francisco
bulletDevised an educational programme for schools - The African Folk and Cultural Show
bullet1984 He won a Congressional Award
bullet1985 Invited to play in Britain and decided to settled in London, buying a house in North Finchley as he says in his album” England is the place for me, I call England hallowed ground, because that’s where I make the most money”

Milo Jazz
bulletGuitar & Traditional Goombay Rhythm
bulletMilo milk can filled with pebbles