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Ballroom Dance Band - Bourgeois elite - tickets a weeks wages ( Seven shillings and sixpence ), evening dress, champagne, hotels. Sierra Leonne
bulletOld Boy Association Groups Cuban Swing Band, Mayfair Dance Band
bullet1934 - Freetown Rediffusion Service
bulletSir Arnold Hodson “ the Sunshine Governor”
bullet2pounds and 12 shillings
bulletBroadcast full spectrum of music
bullet“Variety Time” hosted by Ralph Wright and his “Radio Discoveries”
bulletCalled Kongosa Boxes which in Krio means gossip,
bullet1935 - BBC Overseas Service- Shellac discs of local Temne and Mende musicians
bullet1940’s Freetown Busiest Seaport
bullet1950’s Ticklers, Tejan-Sie’s Sierra Leone Police Band
bullet1955 Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service
bulletBegan a local record library in 1986 had 716 Shellac discs
bulletLarge number of guitar discs from Zaire particularly Mwenda Jean Bosco
bullet1960’s Congolese group Ryko Jazz - influenced musicians
bulletCisco Kids
bulletAfro National
bulletSuper Combo
bulletGerald Pine formed Geraldo Pino and the Heartbeats ( big influence on Fela Kuti - Afrobeat Sound )
bulletEarly 1960’s British R&B scene Bunny Mack
bullet1981 Let Me Love You