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Chordal accompaniment, that’s the stuff that guitarists and pioanist do when someone else is playing the melody or soloing. It’s often not given much focus, but is the stuff that can make or break a tune. The Jazz term for this is comping short for accompaniment.

Lets start with a look at some guitar chord terminology.which may help with explaination

  • Block Chords ( Louie Louie )
  • 3 and 4 Note Chords ( Afro-Zouk)
  • 2 Note Chords
    • Power Chords or in Jazz
    • Steve Cropper style Sixths
  • Inversions and voicing of chords
    • Bands with two guitar make use of this
    • Jimmy Nolan from James Brown and Little Wing

Early jazz - No Guitar Banjo

Most of the first Jazz Guitarists started out on Banjo

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