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Chords: Early Beginnings I

Chords: Early Beginnings I

  • Freddie Green (1911 - 1987)
    • Count Basie’s Guitarist
    • A Chord was played on each beat - “playing four-to-the-bar”
    • Full Block Chords
  • Audio: Front Burner
    • From: The Basie Big Band - Count Basie Pablo PACD-2310-756-2

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Early Jazz period ( 1920 - 1940 ) main function of the guitar was to provide accompaniment. Extension of the tradition established by the banjo players of the Dixieland period.

Played on an Acoustic Guitar ( non amplified ).

Freddie Green was the king of this. It is often said that Freddie’s sound is “more felt than heard”.

  • Generally Three note chords
  • Accent on 2 and 4
  • Notice lots of bass Notes

Took lessons from Allan Reuss

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