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1816 Paul Cuffee (1759-1817), a successful Quaker shipowner of African- American and Native American ancestry, gained support from the British government, to settle 38 American Black people.

1827 Fourah Bay College first western-style university in Africa - Now University of Sierra Leone
bulletFreetown became the Athens of West Africa
bulletMany of the graduates went on to become leaders of African nations
bulletInitial studies by African people in a western manner of their own cultures

1896 Coastal and inland area a protectorate in 1896.
bulletColonial rulers forge administrative links with The Gambia, the Gold Coast (now Ghana) and Lagos in Nigeria.

1956 United Sierra Leone.

27 April 1961 independence.

US History
bullet1620 Pilgrims land in Plymouth, MA
bullet1775 American Revolution Begins
bullet1776 Declaration of Independence
bullet1808 Importation of Slaves outlawed (Est. 350,000 slaves illegally imported between 1808 and 1865 )
bullet1865 Thirteenth Amendment abolishes slavery