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Highlife Music

A Lecture at the State University of New York (Purchase)

Alisdair MacRae-Birch

MFA Jazz Performance

The Foils/Slides from the presentation begin with Highlife Music, you can view the presentation and notes using the controls


Highlife Music

Background I

Background II

African Music

African Rhythm


Historical Context I

Historical Context II


West African Guitar

The Early Years ( <1920 )

Media: The Early Years

Palm Wine I

Palm Wine II

Media: Palm Wine

Two Highlife Streams

Dance Band Highlife I

Dance Band Highlife II

Dance Band Highlife III

Dance Band Highlife IV

Media: Dance Band Highlife

Dance Band Highlife V

Dance Band Highlife VI

Guitar Band Highlife I

Guitar Band Highlife II

Media: Guitar Band Highlife I

Guitar Band Highlife III

Media: Guitar Band Highlife II

Guitar Band Highlife IV

Media: Guitar Band Highlife III

Guitar Band Highlife V

Guitar Band Highlife VI

Media: Guitar Band Highlife IV

London UK Highlife I

London UK Highlife II

Media: London UK Highlife

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