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bullet1919 E.T. (Emmanuel Tetteh ) Mensah born in Accra “King Of Highlife”
bulletTrumpet, sax and band-leader
bulletStudied to become a pharmacist
bullet1937 - E.T. Mensah form’s Accra Rhythmic Orchestra - 15 piece , 5 saxophones, Guitar played a background role
bulletDrummer Guy Warren (Kofi Ghanaba) adds african rhythms
bullet1940 E.T. Mensah joins Jack Leopard ( Scottish Soldier )
bullet1940’s Forms Original Tempo
bullet1948 Reforms Tempos
bulletLanguages: Twi,Fanti,Ga,Efik,Haus,English, Portueguese
bullet1949 travel to Nigeria
bullet1953 Travels to Britain to wide-acclaim
bullet1956 Visit of Louis Armstrong
bullet1957 Ghana Independence forms own club Paramount
bullet1960 Practicing Pharmacy Again
bullet1986 Earliest recordings re-released on London Based Retro-Afric Label - show in London to standing ovation at Africa centre