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VIDEO: Erasmus Ndara
bullet1991 28 years old
bulletSong is sung in Mbukushu ( Angola and Namibia region )
bulletLives with is Married Sister who supports him
bullet“Five String Guitar”
bulletTune: Engelika ghapumura munu wendi-endi dimbo ?
bulletSong is about his sister Angelika warning about quarreling with her husband
bulletNote “Fade-out” ending
bulletTechnically: Tuning of 6th string is an octave higher

Audio: Unknown 1970’s Highlife Band from Sierra Leone
bulletCompare chord progression and melody

AUDIO: George Williams Aingo
bulletTune: Suantsi
bulletAugust 1927 Zonophone Label in London
bulletSinging in Fanti
bulletBetween 1927 and 1931 issued 180 records.