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A.B. Crentsil (1950 - )
bullet1975 - named the band Sweet Talks performed at the Talk of The town in Tema
bulletTema is a port town , the hotel has only about six rooms, they played in the courtyard on Wed, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
bulletTraining ground for great musicians
bullet1975 Recorded Adam and Eve
bullet1978 Phonogram asked them to provide backing tracks for a new Crusaders album, took advantage of the extra Studio time to record their all-time classic “Hollywood Highlife Party”
bulletClassic Highlife combining old highlife sounds from the guitar, ballroom and palm wine styles.
bullet1978 Band Breaks up. Economic decline in Ghana and particularly the political situation curfew was imposed at 6pm every night
bullet1978 Eric Agyeman records Highlife Safari
bulletSmart Nkansah forms Sunsum Mystic Band
bulletThomas Frempong leaves and moves to London,UK

Nana Tuffour