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Soukous Music

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Soukous is a generic term for modern Zairean dance music. In the 1980's this style of music became very popular in London, UK and Paris, France. A number of musicians left Kinshasa to work around central and east Africa, before settling in either the UK or France. Notably:
bulletMose Se "Fan Fan" and the band Somo Somo
bulletSam Mangwana and the African All Stars
bulletPapa Wemba and Viva la Musica
bulletKanda Bongo Man and his guitarist Diblo Dibala

With the move to Europe and better studio engineering, the music has become big in the dance clubs as more "electronics"  entered the music.

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Notz Soukous Recommended Listening

Soukous music has a number of international stars who have been highly recorded.
Soukous In Central Park - Kanda Bongo Man
With a move to Paris in 1979, Kanda moved Soukous into hi-energy dance floor music. Traditional Soukous follows a standard Zaiko song which has a long Rhumba section followed by a faster Seben. Kanda, eliminated the Rhumba using only the Seben, producing tracks that were suitable for the dance floors of London and Paris.

Papa Wemba - Papa Wemba
Papa Wemba, based in Paris, has steadily built an international following. His unique voice adds a yearning almost religious quality to the music.

Super Guitar Soukous
A great Compiliation Album.

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