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CDnow : Who They Are

CDnow are the World's Largest Music Store! They are committed to your complete satisfaction. If you feel that they can improve their service in any way, or have any comments, please visit their Customer Service page.

They hope you'll agree that their Cyberstore is the fastest, easiest, and most convenient music and movie shopping experience you've ever had.


bulletCustomer Service
It's their policy to provide CDnow customers with superior service. They guarantee your satisfaction with all of their merchandise. If, for any reason, you're unhappy with your purchase, they will provide a full refund. If you encounter any problems with shipping or delivery, please visit their Customer Service page. Or, you may contact them by phone at (800) 595-6874 or (215) 885-8471. Please note: they can not accept orders over the telephone.
CDnow carries almost every album currently in print in the United States. When you find your favorite artist's discography page, you can see a listing of everything they've ever recorded that is still in print, as well as a listing of "Not Available" titles, listed for music information purposes.

They also carry over 20,000 imports, 50,000 movies, 10,000 music videos (*), 1,500 music-related books, 2,500 T-shirts, plus their newest product line: DVDs.

(*) Please note that movies and music videos are NTSC format, the standard for North America. Their videos can not be viewed with a PAL or SECAM player.

bulletDiscount Prices
They're able to maintain their low prices because, as a Cyberstore, they don't have to pay for floor space! They've always got hundreds of their best-selling items on-sale at any given time. To identify an on-sale item, look for the sale icon next to the price on the artist discography page.
bulletFast Delivery
As soon as they receive your order, they transmit it to one of their shipping centers and make sure that it is shipped out right away. Domestic and import CD orders generally arrive within 3-6 business days (depending on the size of the order). Non-US orders usually arrive in less than three weeks. See their Non-US Shipping Schedule for more information.
bulletMusic Information
One of the many things that set them aside from a standard record store is their music information. They've got in-depth reviews, ratings, biographies, discussion groups and a variety of sound samples for almost every artist in their catalog. All of these great information features are accessible from their artist discography pages.

The backbone of CDnow's artist catalog is their music information, a collection of straight forward ratings, reviews and biographical information provided by a distinguished group of more than 150 well-known free-lance writers, each an expert in a particular genre of music.

bulletLunchbox - Their Coolest Feature!
Record store amnesia happens to the best of us. You walk into a store, and all of a sudden you can't for the life of you remember what you intended to buy. At CDnow, one of their coolest features is the Lunchbox, which allows you to keep a permanent list of music and movies that you'd like to buy at some point in the future, right in your account. After you create your account, simply shop around, put an album in your Shopping Cart, and then transfer it into your Lunchbox. When it's time to buy an album that is in your Lunchbox, you can easily transfer it back into your Shopping Cart for purchase.




CDnow is divided into three sections, Music (Rock, Jazz, Country, etc.), Movies and Classical. The sections differ slightly, because each of their various product lines is catalogued under its own system.


To get started, type the name of the artist, album or song title you'd like to find into the space provided on their main page, and click on the Find It button. Or, click on any of their main page links, including Sales, Album Charts, New Releases and Advance Orders. Every item on their main page is a clickable link that will take you to another part of the store.
The Classical Store combines simplicity and power to help you search their vast selection. They offer two search methods: Standard and Quick. Which search method is right for you depends on how much information you have at your disposal.

In searching for a classical recording, you may specify the Composer, the Title of the album or composition, the Performer or soloist, the Conductor, the Record Label, the Primary Instrument, the Genre, and several other elements.



Payment Methods

When you find an album you want to buy, put it in your shopping cart by clicking on the price. Follow the directions provided on the Shopping Cart page to complete your purchase.

CDnow currently accepts the following payment methods: credit cards, US$ denominated checks drawn from US banks, and US$ denominated money orders.


bulletCredit Cards
CDnow accepts Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, and Discover/Novus cards. They never charge your card before your order is ready to ship. They will not charge you for a backordered item until it is filled. You may give them your credit card information via online PGP, phone or fax. Please follow the Shopping Cart instructions when you place your order. Click here for their phone and fax numbers. When you submit your credit card number, you may opt to have them hold it on a secure non-networked database for future orders.
bulletChecks and Money Orders
CDnow accepts US$ denominated personal checks drawn from US banks, US$ denominated cashier's checks, and US$ denominated money orders by mail. It is their policy to fill your order as soon as the check or money order clears. If you require a refund, it will be sent by check. Please mail your check or money order to the address listed at the end of this policy statement. There is a $4.00 penalty charge for all bounced or rejected checks.

They close orders at approximately 3:00 PM Eastern Time each business day (M-F). You may change your order online if it has not yet been processed.



Shipping & Handling Charges

Shipping charges are determined by destination. All US destinations are the same low price. Non-US destinations are charged according to the Non-US Shipping Schedule listed at the end of this policy statement.

Their various product lines do not ship from the same shipping center. Each shipping center is identified in your shopping cart by a specific code, as follows: The shipping center code for domestic music titles is "a"; the code for T-shirts, DVDs and music videos is "vid"; the code for movies is "g"; and the code for imports and music books is "H."

You may combine as many product lines as you like within an order. However, a shipment surcharge applies if the items in an order ship from more than one location. Scroll down for more information on the multiple-shipment surcharge (*).

USA Shipping & Handling is $2.99 for the first item, and $0.99 for each of the next 2 items, up to a MAXIMUM of $4.97 for a shipment, no matter how many items are included in each shipment.(*) Multiple CD sets count as one item; a 15 disc box set counts as 1 item. The exact Shipping & Handling charge will be calculated for you when you place your order. Note: the S & H fee for orders containing music videos, DVDs or T-shirts ranges from $3.99 to a maximum of $5.97.

They charge required local and state taxes for California, Florida, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey addresses. Some APO and FPO addresses may be charged California state tax.

Their Non-US Shipping & Handling schedule is listed below. Packages are sent via a selection of air carriers that is dependent on destination. Most non-US orders will arrive within 3-4 weeks. Multi-CD box sets are charged non-US shipping according to their approximate weight.

(*)Multiple-shipment surcharge for US customers

A multiple-shipment surcharge of $1.39 per shipping center is applied to all orders that include items shipped from more than one location. Please note that their $4.97 maximum shipment charge applies per shipment, not per order. If all of the items in your order are shipped from the same location (as is true for most orders), no surcharge is applied. When you are ready to place your order, the Shopping Cart will indicate whether the items in your order will be shipped from different locations. The surcharge will appear as part of the shipping and handling fee, which is displayed clearly for you before you place your order.

For example, if you order a domestic title and an import within the same order, a multiple shipment surcharge of $1.39 will be added to the order. If you order a domestic title, an import and a music video, the multiple shipment surcharge will be $2.78. If you are unsure as to whether a multiple shipment surcharge will apply, simply place the items you would like to buy in your shopping cart, and the totals will be calculated for you before you place the order. Please note that their maximum U.S. domestic music shipping fee ($4.97) applies per shipment, not per order.



Continental US Delivery Schedule for regular stock items

Most orders of 1-3 items are at the mercy of the US Postal Service, which adds variance to the delivery schedule. Orders of 4 or more items or with a merchandise value of $50 or more are sent via express courier. (Note that express couriers may require a signature for delivery, do not deliver on weekends and do not ship to P.O. Boxes or APO/F addresses.) An express courier upgrade option is offered (when available) for a small fee for orders of 1-3 items.


bullet1-2 items - approximately 5 business days
bullet3 items - approximately 3 business days
bullet4+ items - 1-3 business days (includes orders with merchandise value over $50.00)

The above schedule does not apply to music videos, movies, T-shirts or DVDs (marked "v" or "g"), or any item listed as "Backorder" ("B"), as they are shipped separately and generally take longer to arrive. Also, the express courier upgrade option does not apply to "v," "g" or "B" titles.

While the default delivery option may vary depending on the weight and cost of your order, all of the available shipping options and prices will be displayed at the time you place your order.

Please make sure that you enter your address correctly. They must charge you for shipping if they have to re-ship an item because of an address error.



Vinyl and Limited Edition Items

Although many Vinyl and Limited Edition items are listed in their catalog, they are not always available for sale. Unfortunately, at this time it is not possible for them to determine whether a Vinyl or Limited Edition item is available before you place your order. However, they will never charge you for any item until it is available and ready to ship. Vinyl is not returnable. They can not guarantee the availability or delivery date of limited edition advance-order items.



Backorders and Out of Stock Items

If any items are listed as "backordered" when you place your order, you will be asked to specify whether you would like them to hold the order until all items are in stock, or to ship the order immediately and backorder, or cancel, any backordered items. (As a cost-saver, the backorder option is not available to non-US customers.)

If you decide that you would like them to ship the available items, and backorder the remaining items, there is an additional cost of only $1.50, which is charged only if the backorder is shipped. However, if all of the items in your order are listed as "in stock" at the time that the order is placed, or if you order more than 5 items, any backordered items will be shipped for no extra charge when they become available. You will not be charged for a backordered item until it is ready to ship. It is not possible to estimate how long it will take a backorder to fill. If a backordered item does not fill within 30 days, it will be canceled and you will be notified by e-mail. (Please be sure to provide them with a valid email address.)

Please note: the above policy does NOT apply to music videos, DVDs, t-shirts or movies (items marked "v" or "g"). These order are shipped separately, and only when all items are in stock, or after 30-40 days.

For non-US customers, because of mailing costs, your order will be held until all items are shipped. However, you may choose to have all available items shipped right away, and cancel any unavailable items. If any items in an non-US order cannot be shipped within 30 days, the unavailable items will be canceled and the rest of the order will be shipped. You may check your order history online and cancel any backorders or held orders, if you decide that you don't want them.




Import titles are shipped separately from domestic titles. Most import titles that are marked as "backorder" can be obtained within 1-2 weeks. However, in some cases they may take longer. It is not always possible for them to estimate how long a backordered import will take to fill. However, you will be notified if your order does not fill after 4-5 weeks (you must provide them with a valid e-mail address). If they are able to determine that a title will not become available within 30 days, the balance of your order will be shipped, and the remaining items will be canceled. If an import title is canceled from your order, you may re-order it as long as it is still listed in their catalog.

Availability of import titles is difficult to predict, as titles may go out of print at any time without warning. While they make every effort to keep their import database current, they can not guarantee that they will be able to provide every title that is listed. Their inventory information for imports is by no means perfect, but is in most cases accurate.

! PLEASE NOTE: Some imports items will arrive without plastic shrink-wrap, due to the standard music manufacturing processes in their country of origin. They guarantee that unwrapped imports are brand new items, and have not been used or re-sold.

Of course, they never charge you until your order is ready to ship.

For shipping information, please see the Continental US Delivery Schedule for regular stock items (above).

Please note that if you combine import and domestic titles in one order, they will arrive in separate packages.


You may combine import and domestic titles in your order for a small fee as described in the above section on their Multiple Shipment Surcharge.
If you combine import and domestic titles in your order, you will be charged two separate shipping and handling charges (one for each shipment). These charges are calculated automatically and listed in your shopping cart before you place your order, so you can see exactly what you will be charged ahead of time.



Music Related Books

Music books are shipped from their own location, and are subject to their Multiple Shipment Surcharge if combined in an order with any of their other product lines, including domestic and import music titles, music videos, movies or T-shirts. Non-US customers who combine two or more of their product lines in one order are charged separate shipping and handling fees for each component of the order. The term "CD book" refers to the shape and appearance of the text; CD Books are in the shape of a CD jewel case and do not include music.



Music Videos, DVDs and T-shirts

Most of their music videos, DVDs and T-shirts are shipped from a separate shipping center than their other products, and are subject to their Multiple Shipment Surcharge if combined in an order with any of their other product lines, including domestic and import music titles, books or movies. Non-US customers who combine two or more of their product lines in one order are charged separate shipping and handling fees for each component of the order. The charges only apply to orders that require multiple shipments; there are no extra charges if your order contains only music videos, DVDs and/or T-shirts.

The packing slip that is included in each music video, DVD or T-Shirt shipment will list the items that have shipped. Prices and totals will not be included on the packing slip. An invoice including prices and totals will be e-mailed to you after the order ships. You may also request a hard copy of the invoice. This invoice will exactly reflect the order as it appears in your CDnow account.

If the music videos that you order are in stock, you can expect to receive them within 2 weeks. If you order a video that is out of stock, your entire order will be held until all of the items are filled, unless they are able to determine that they will not be able to acquire the remaining items within 30-35 days, in which case the in-stock balance of your order will be shipped. They do not charge your credit card until your order is ready to ship. If none of the items that you order become available within 30-35 days, they will notify you by e-mail (you must provide a valid e-mail address in your account) and offer you the option of keeping your order active for another 30 days.

DVD - Digital Video Discs
DVD is a revolutionary new multimedia entertainment format -- a 5-inch disc that can serve as a vehicle for software, crisp high-resolution video, Dolby Digital multichannel audio, or (in most cases) all three. Films on DVD are generally accompanied by interactive menus that offer a variety of language and subtitle options, instantaneous scene access, biographies and film history of the cast and director, production notes and theatrical trailers, and multiple aspect ratios. Please note, DVDs will only work in a DVD player.

Japanese Import Videos:
Japanese Import videos may take 6-8 weeks to fill. Please note that held up items will be canceled after 30 days if there are other video items in your order that are ready to be shipped. Therefore, it is advisable that you place a separate order for Japanese import videos.

Important notice to non-US customers concerning Music Videos:
All VHS and Laserdiscs are in NTSC format unless otherwise specified. They carry a small selection of PAL videos. NTSC is the standard VHS format in North America and Japan. Most of Europe, the UK and Australia use PAL; France uses SECAM. NTSC tapes will NOT play in PAL or SECAM players, and vice-versa. If you reside in a country that does not use the NTSC format, you should not purchase VHS or laserdiscs unless you have a multi-format VHS player. (All Japanese and British imports are playable on U.S. systems as they are duplicated in NTSC.)



Movie Info and Policies

Movies are available for shipment to US addresses only. Unfortunately, they are unable to ship their movies to non-US destinations.

Movies are shipped by UPS (where available), and are subject to their Multiple Shipment Surcharge if combined in an order with any of their other product lines, including domestic and import music titles, music videos and T-shirts, or books.

Total shipping fees will be calculated for you in your shopping cart before you place your order. You will NOT be charged any shipping or handling fees in addition to that listed in your shopping cart.

Movie shipping and handling for the continental US is $4.95, no matter how many movies are included in your order. There is an additional surcharge for shipment to non-continental US addresses and Alaska.

Unfortunately, at this time it is not possible for them to determine whether a movie is available before you place your order. However, approximately 80% of the videos listed in their database are in stock. They will never charge you for any item until it is available and ready to ship.

Your order status will indicate which items, if any, are on backorder usually within 1 week of order placement. Order status information is posted as soon as they receive it.

In stock orders may take up to 2 weeks to arrive. However, you should receive your order within one week of your order being marked as "shipped" in your account order status. Orders not shipped after 4-6 weeks are canceled. You may re-order any movie that is canceled after 4-6 weeks if it is still listed in their catalog.

Please note that all of their movies are available only in NTSC format, and not in PAL or SECAM format, which should not be a problem provided you are using video equipment that was manufactured for use in the United States. If you are using video equipment manufactured for use in Europe or Australia, or if you take your videos overseas to Europe or Australia, they may not be usable there.

NTSC is the standard VHS format in North America and Japan. Most of Europe, the UK and Australia use PAL; France uses SECAM. NTSC tapes will NOT play in PAL or SECAM players, and vice-versa.



Movie Search Tips

The actor and actress used to index a movie is generally the most well known actor or actress that appears in the movie, and may not be representative of the actual lead actor or actress.

Numbers in movie names may be listed numerically (ex. 1 2 3), or spelled out in their American English spelling (ex. one two three). Please try numbers both ways if you can't find a movie.

The listing of movies associated with an actor or actress is most likely not the entire catalog of available movies by that actor or actress.

If you can't find a movie, try using just the first few letters of the title to broaden your search.



Non-US Destination Shipping & Handling Cost Schedule for CDs

They currently ship to the following countries. Please read the notices below concerning their non-US shipping policies. Approximate shipping costs for orders of 1, 3, 7 and 10 items are listed here. The total S & H charges will be calculated for you when you place your order.


Country             1 item  3 items  7 items  10 items
-------             ------  -------  -------  --------

Argentina             6.61     9.02    16.39     22.90

Australia             7.35    11.22    19.44     22.90

Austria               6.96    10.01    15.92     16.43

Belgium               6.96    10.01    15.92     22.90

Brazil                6.61     9.02    18.63     25.78

Canada                2.91     4.46     7.12      8.46

Cayman Islands        6.61     9.02    20.61     28.97

Chile                 6.61     9.02    34.98     40.88

China                 7.35    11.22    16.39     22.90

Columbia              6.61     9.02    34.98     40.88

Corsica               6.96    10.01    15.92     25.78

Costa Rica            6.61     9.02     9.29     13.40

Croatia               6.96    10.01    15.92     20.49

Cyprus                7.22    10.78    14.46     20.49

Czech Republic        6.96    10.01    14.46     20.49

Denmark               6.96    10.01    15.92     20.49

Ecuador               6.61     9.02    34.98     40.88

Egypt                 7.22    10.78    16.39     22.90

Estonia               6.96    10.01    18.63     25.78

Fiji                  7.35    11.22    11.68     16.43

Finland               6.96    10.01    15.92     22.90

France                6.96    10.01    15.92     25.78

French Polynesia      7.22    10.78    18.20     22.90

Germany               6.96    10.01    15.92     16.43

Greece                6.96    10.01    15.92     20.49

Grenada               6.61     9.02    32.68     35.80

Hong Kong             7.35    11.22    19.44     20.49

Hungary               6.96    10.01    14.46     20.49

Iceland               6.96    10.01    14.46     20.49

India                 7.22    10.78    16.39     22.90

Indonesia             7.35    11.22    19.44     55.10

Ireland               6.96    10.01    15.92     20.49

Israel                7.22    10.78    49.34     58.37

Italy                 6.96    10.01    15.92     20.49

Japan                 7.35    11.22    19.44     25.78

Kuwait                7.22    10.78    14.46     20.49

Latvia                6.96    10.01    18.63     25.78

Lithuania             6.96    10.01    18.63     25.78

Luxemborg             6.96    10.01    15.92     16.43

Malaysia              7.35    11.22    19.44     22.90

Malta                 6.96    10.01    30.30     37.10

Martinique            6.61     9.02     9.29     13.40

Mauritius             7.22    10.78    18.63     25.78

Mexico                6.21     7.87    32.31     38.16

Netherlands Antilles  6.61     9.02     9.29     13.40

Netherlands           6.96    10.01    15.92     20.49

New Caledonia         7.22    10.78    16.39     22.90

New Zealand           7.35    11.22    19.44     22.90

Norway                6.96    10.01    15.92     22.90

Panama                6.61     9.02    34.98     40.88

Paraguay              6.61     9.02    34.98     40.88

Peru                  6.61     9.02    34.98     40.88

Philippines           7.35    11.22    19.44     22.90

Poland                6.96    10.01    15.92     16.43

Portugal              6.96    10.01    15.92     20.49

Qatar                 7.22    10.78    14.46     20.49

Russia                6.96    10.01    18.63     25.78

Saudi Arabia          7.22    10.78    49.34     58.37

Singapore             7.35    11.22    19.44     22.90

Slovakia              6.96    10.01    14.46     20.49

Slovenia              6.96    10.01    14.46     20.49

South Africa          7.22    10.78    16.39     22.90

South Korea           7.35    11.22    19.44     20.49

Spain                 6.96    10.01    15.92     20.49

Sri Lanka             7.22    10.78    46.99     55.10

St Lucia              6.61     9.02     9.29     13.40

Sweden                6.96    10.01    15.92     22.90

Switzerland           6.96    10.01    15.92     16.43

Syria                 7.22    10.78    14.46     20.49

Taiwan                7.35    11.22    19.44     20.49

Thailand              7.35    11.22    16.39     22.90

Trinidad & Tobago     6.61     9.02    11.68     16.43

Turkey                6.96    10.01    14.46     20.49

United Arab Emirates  7.22    10.78    16.39     22.90

United Kingdom        6.96    10.01    15.92     20.49

Uruguay               6.61     9.02    34.98     40.88

Vatican City          6.96    10.01    14.46     20.49

Venezuela             6.61     9.02    34.98     40.88                                                  



Non-US Shipping Policies

In order to avoid confusion due to the complexities of shipping outside the US, they calculate the total cost of the items you have selected and the corresponding non-US shipping charge before you place your order. However, they do not calculate or charge you for local duties or taxes on non-US shipments. You are responsible for paying any taxes, duties, or customs fees charged by your local government. Please check with your local post office for more information.

CDnow is required by law to declare an accurate monetary value on all non-US shipments. They are unable to honor any requests to suppress the value of an order on the customs sticker.

The number of items in a multi-CD box set is determined based on the price of the unit. Music videos, DVDs and T-shirts may count as 2 or 3 items each. The actual total will appear in the "Total # items" field when you place an order.

In the event that an order shipped by Air Parcel Post is lost en route, they must wait for the claim to be processed. This can take up to 6 months.


Store Translation Policy

In the event that any statement made in a translated version of CDnow's website conflicts with any statement made on the English version of CDnow's website, the statement made on the English version will prevail.



Credit Card Security and PGP

They appreciate the concern that many of their customers have expressed about the security of online credit card transactions. You can be sure that CDnow takes all necessary security measures to protect your credit card information, and does not release it to any outside organization.

Here are a few of the measures they have taken to protect their customers:

Secure Server Technology: They use Netscape's Secure Commerce Server technology to encrypt the information you send them through their Shopping Cart, so that it can not be read in transit. To use their secure server, switch to Secure Mode before you place your order by clicking on the "secure mode" link, directly above the "Billing Information" section of the Shopping Cart.

You can still use their secure server even if you decide to pay by check or money order. All of your account and order information, including your mailing addresses, email address and phone number will be encrypted to insure your privacy.

If you are unable to switch to their secure server because of a firewall, you can still safely transmit your credit card information using their order form; the information will not be encrypted, but will still be all but impossible for a third party to retrieve.

In a 1996 Washington Post article by Rob Pegoraro, David Medine of the Federal Trade Commission suggested that it is much safer to transmit your credit card number over the Internet than to give it to a waiter at a restaurant or read it aloud over a cordless phone -- two activities that are generally taken for granted as safe. In fact, a spokesperson at AT&T's Universal Card division stated that his company to date had not encountered any cases of credit card numbers being stolen during transmission over the Internet.

However, they also offer you the option of phoning, faxing or mailing in in your credit card number after you place your order. Please follow the instructions that are provided when you place your order. Click here for telephone, fax and address information.

Secure Account: Once they receive your credit card information, you can choose to have them store it for future orders on a secure, non-networked computer that can not be accessed through the Internet. You'll only need to supply them with your credit card information once!

PGP Encryption: You may also use PGP to transmit your credit card information via email with absolute confidence. Add their public key to your key ring and follow the instructions when you place your order. Their public key is available below, or by fingering Note that on some newer Unix machines you will need to use the longer form of the finger command by appending "-l" at the end of the command, as in "finger -l".

Click here for more information on PGP. If you have any questions or problems regarding the use of their PGP public key, please contact


Version: 2.7

-----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----                                                  



Inventory Information

Inventory information is available for all domestic music titles. This information can be used to estimate the likelihood that a title will be shipped immediately after you place your order. While they do their best to keep their inventory information current, it is by no means perfect. There is no guarantee that a title listed as "In stock" will actually ship right away. Inventory can change significantly from day to day. They cannot reserve titles; in rare cases, a title may be in stock when you place your order, and sold out by the time your order is processed. However, if an item that is marked "In stock" in your shopping cart when you place your order, they will ship you the item for no extra charge when it becomes available. You will not be charged for a backordered item until it is ready to ship.

Their stock information is not normalized according to the popularity of a title. If you are interested in a less popular title that is listed in their stock information as "low," it is unlikely that the title will go out of stock before they ship your order. However, if a very popular title is listed as "low," it may not be available to ship immediately.

Here is a summary of the likelihood that an item will be available to ship:

Stock Indicator          Popular title       Less Popular title
---------------          -------------       ------------------
 In stock                -  Likely             Extrmely likely

 Mid stock               -  Somewhat likely    Very likely

 Low stock               -  Possibly           Likely

 Backorder/On Order      -  Not in stock       Not in stock                                                  

Backordered imports usually take an extra 2-4 weeks for delivery, but are worth the wait. Your credit card is not charged for an item until it is ready to ship.

Advance Orders

US customers may order most domestic music titles up to four weeks before the actual release date, and receive them on the same day they hit the stores. (US addresses with FedEx overnight upgrade only)**

The process is simple: Select the Advance Order album as if it were already available, by Friday at 9:00AM Eastern Time before the album's Tuesday release date.

Any additional items that are included in your order will not be shipped until the Advance Order album is released. If you wish to have the available titles shipped immediately, please place a separate order for the Advance Order titles. Although they are shipped separately, imports, music videos, DVDs, T-shirts and movies will also be held up by the advance order item.

Because of last-minute music industry rescheduling, Advance Order release dates are subject to change without notice. However, in most cases your Advance Order will arrive on the date listed on their Advance Order pages and the artist's discography page.

In rare circumstances a new release may sell out on the first day. Or, the supplier may be a day or two late in delivering the product to their shipping center (the product must be received by the shipping center on Friday in order to be shipped to arrive on Tuesday). In these cases, the item will be placed on backorder and shipped at no extra cost when available.

Please note that they are unable to guarantee the availability of limited edition advance order titles, because they are produced in such limited quantities.

**To ensure delivery on the date of an album's release, please select the Federal Express shipping upgrade option. Only Tuesday release dates are eligible for this service. All orders that are shipped via regular mail will not be received on the release date.

Sales and Promotions

Sales and promotional coupons may not be combined; however, you will always receive the best discount available for your order. Discounts appear automatically in your shopping cart before you place your order. If you have difficulty redeeming a discount or coupon, please visit their Customer Service page.

Returns-30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

They guarantee your satisfaction with all CDnow merchandise. You may return any item within 30 days of delivery for a full refund of the purchase price.*

If you receive a defective item, please contact They will issue you a full refund after you have returned the damaged product. If a CD jewel case or cassette case arrives cracked or damaged, they will be happy to mail you a replacement. Please visit their Customer Service page for instructions.

To make a return, follow the instructions printed on the invoice included with your shipment. Write the order number in the space provided on your invoice. Important: Please make sure to indicate the reason for the return.

Send merchandise returns to the address listed on your invoice, and not the Jenkintown, PA address. You will need to affix an RMA (Return Authorization Number) to the outside of the package you are sending back. Please contact CDnow customer service to receive an RMA.** Please note that CDnow merchandise is shipped from several different shipping centers. Merchandise that is returned to the wrong address will be shipped back to you.

In most cases it takes about 3-4 weeks to process a domestic music return (import merchandise may take longer). When you login to your account and click on "How's My Order?" you will see an "R" in your order history next to any item that has been processed as a return. If you don't see a change in status after 30 days, please visit their Customer Service page.

* Shipping and handling charges are not refundable.

**They recommend that you send your return via an insured carrier. They are not responsible for lost returns.



                            	     FAX - 800-461-9232, 215-572-7198
   Jenkins Court - Suite 300         Phone  (800) 595-6874 or 215-885-8471 (*)
   610 Old York Road                 
   Jenkintown, PA 19046   USA     

(*) If you plan to phone in your credit card information, please place your order first, and then phone in your credit card information to the telephone number which will be provided at that time.

Gift Certificates

Please read the following important information concerning the purchase and redemption of gift certificates from CDnow:

bulletWhen you order a gift certificate, you will be asked to create a CDnow shopping account (or log into your existing account). The information in your personal account should be YOUR address, NOT the address of the recipient. The recipient will fill out a new account (or log into their existing account) when they redeem the gift certificate. It is important that you supply them with your email address and phone number when you create your account, so that they may contact you in the unlikely event that there are any problems processing the gift certificate.
bulletThey will email a notice to the recipient within 1 business day after they receive payment for the certificate. The recipient must have email and access to the World Wide Web in order to receive and redeem the electronic gift certificate.
bulletGift certificates are available in $15.00, $25.00, $50.00 and $100.00 denominations.
bulletIf the value of the gift certificate is higher than the recipient's initial order, the remainder of the certificate money will be set aside for use in future orders. Remaining credit will be held in the recipient's CDnow shopping account, and will be available the next time they place an order from that account.
bulletGift certificates are not refundable, and are valid for a period of one year after the date of purchase.

CDnow Links to External Sites

CDnow does not operate or control the information, products and/or services found on any external sites. Nor does CDnow represent or endorse the accuracy or reliability of any information, products and/or services provided on or through any external sites, including, without limitation, warranties of any kind, either express or implied, warranties of title or non-infringement or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Users assume complete responsibility and risk in their use of any external sites. Since CDnow is not responsible for the availability of these outside resources, or their contents, users should direct any concerns regarding any external link to its site administrator or Webmaster.

CDnow Privacy Statement

At CDnow, they are commited to protecting your privacy. This means that they will not distribute, sell or rent your name or personal information about you to any third party. CDnow may share non-personal, non-individual information in aggregate form with its marketing partners for research purposes. In other words, they will not tell their marketing partners that you purchased a specific product, but they may tell them how many customers purchased that product.

If you choose "no" for both email options when you set up your CDnow account, or anytime thereafter, you will not be contacted by CDnow for any reason that is not directly related to assisting you with your purchases. Otherwise, you will be included in CDnow's personalized email program, which provides you with special notices of sales, promotions, new releases and special features that may be of interest to you.

Of course, they will cooperate fully should a situation arise where they are required by law or legal process to provide information about a customer.

If you have more questions about privacy or any of CDnow's policies, please visit their Customer Service Page.


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